Stand up, wake up

Carpet alarm clock

Apparently the most effective alarm clocks are those which force you to physically get up to turn them off. The Carpet Alarm Clock does exactly that – to turn it off, you have to get up and step on it. It comes complete with an LCD screen to show the time too. “If you really want to make it a challenge, place it far away from your bed”.  I reckon you could even put it on the ceiling  to make you jump up and turn it off, and hence squeeze in some exercise too.


2 thoughts on “Stand up, wake up

  1. Donovan says:

    ‘apparently’ is right lol I’ve tried putting my alarm away from my bed, but I just head straight back, so I don’t think it would work for me haha

  2. li says:

    Yes true. Maybe the mat idea would be more effective if it made you do like 20 star jumps on the mat before it stops beeping. Or maybe you have to dance on the mat for a whole song before it stops… endless possibilities

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